Fully Utilize Radiology Disposables To Enhance Your Business

Are you looking for best Radiology Disposables then you are on correct path. We are dealing with different types of disposables which is mainly used by the Gynaecologist for inseminating the saline onto the Uterus. These devices are ultra soft and absolutely atraumatic.

Here are the 4 types of Disposables available at Gynocare Services Pvt Ltd. as follows:

  1. HSG Device:
  2. HSG Device is one of the best Radiology Disposables. Gynocare's HSG Device Used for the delivery of contract media or saline into the uterine cavity during hysterosalpingography (HSG) or sonohysterography (SHG) for examination of the uterus and fallopian tubes.

    The Gynocare's HSG Cannula can be used for evaluation of tubal patency. The cannula is mainly designed for patients with a stenotic external os and a narrow cervical canal.


    It is used to find out the tubal patency.

    It has got 2 ports one for injecting the dye.

    The other to inflate the balloon.

  3. Sonosalpingography Device:
  4. Sonosalpingography device is also called as SSG device. We are dealing with SSG which is Sonosalpingography Device mainly designed for Gynaecologist. These devices can be inseminating the saline onto the Uterus and they are ultra soft and are absolutely atraumatic.


    It is absolutely soft catheter which are completely atrmautic.

    It has got a cone stopper which acts as a stopper at cervical cavity.

    User friendly.

  5. Tubal Cannulation Set:
  6. Tubal Cannulation Set owing to our expertise in this domain, we have been able to cater to the variegated requirements of the customers by bringing forth a Re-Cannulation Cannula. These cannulas are widely in demand as these are contraceptives. However, these cannulas are obtained from reliable vendors of the industry.


    Effective and user friendly.

    It is used for fallopian tube re-canalisation under ultrasound guidance.

    5 Fr Pebax catheter-pre shaped

    Malleable stylet


    Flexible & Pyrogen Free

  7. Vaginal Probe Cover:
  8. Vaginal Probe Cover serve as a viral barrier for transrectal and transvaginal infertility procedures. It is compatible with most ultrasound manufacturers and available in several material types, also our endocavity probe covers are trusted to protect the clinician and patient.


    It does not contain any spermicidal.

    Tape with release paper ensures gripping at distal end.

    Gamma Sterilized

    Useful in TVS for patients with known latex allergies

    Fits Snugly & Adequate Length