Know Various Types of Cancer Screening Products

So, What Is Cancer Screening?

Cancer screening tests can help to find cancer at an early stage before symptoms appear. It may be easier to treat or cure if abnormal tissue or cancer is found early. By the time symptoms appear, cancer may have grown and spread and this can make cancer harder to treat or cure.

It is one of the important things to remember that when your doctor suggests a cancer screening test, it does not always mean he or she thinks you have cancer.

There are various types of cancer screening products that help to test or detect cancer at an early stage.

  1. Endometrial Biopsy Curette:
  2. Endometrial Biopsy Curette is one of the cancer screening product designed by Gynocare services Pvt Ltd. It is designed with a rectangular loop tip to excise and collect endometrial tissue for biopsy. The loop tip is available with or without a basket depending on the purpose of the cancer screening products.


    Length: 230mm & 3.0mm

    Tip Type: With or Without Basket

    Material: PP

    Sterility: Non-Sterile

    Usage: Reusable

    Advantages: Longer Working Life & Consistent Performance

  3. Endosampler:
  4. Utilized for a sampling of endometrial tissue, the unique design of the Gynocare's Endosampler allows for superior accuracy and a more reliable sample than traditional endometrial sample devices. Gynocare's Endosampler is now available with two holes for even easier suction.


    Curette conveniently bent with a sharp slot on side assures better sampling from all areas of the endometrial cavity.

    Facilitates both endometrial scraping and aspiration.

    Avoids endometrial sample contamination.

    Convenient for routine gynecological use and suitable for cytologic and histologic diagnosis.

    Backflow of collected sample is prevented by a lock-spring mechanism on the syringe.

    Semi-rigid 3mm curette minimizes the possibility of perforation.

  5. Endometrial Biopsy Probate:
  6. Gynocare Services is offering an exclusive array of Endometrial Biopsy that are highly demanded accurate results. These kits are mainly used to collect the endometrial samples for biopsy purposes of cancer screening. These kits are designed as per the norms and standards of medical industries. It is easy to use these kits are very cost-effective at the user's end. Gynocare Services provides door-step delivery within the stipulated time.


    Double-headed piston for maintaining steady vacuum.

    Easy to use.

    Accurate result.

    A double-headed piston secures a steady vacuum.

    Tissue collection through the side hole.

    Smooth rounded distal tip and small size for minimal patient discomfort.

    Depth markings for ease in locating depth of insertion in the uterus.

  8. Pap Smear kit ensures that there is hassle-free collection as it comes as a collective kit where you can collect fix the samples on to the slide and a transport box which is very convenient to send samples individually.


    Brand: Gyno Care

    Sytofix: 25 ml

    Kit Contains: Glass Slide, Slide Holder, Wooden Spatulae Sterile & Cytology Brush Sterile

    Advantages: Packed in a sterile pouch & Easy to use